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im really sorry if this are distressing to anyone but ive just had a fight with my dad, the first photo is immediately after he repeatedly punched me in the face and body, the second and third photos are ive managed to lock myself in a room. the second photo shows how he grabbed my jumper and tore it when he dragged me across the floor, the third photo shows the swelling in my nose and face 20 minutes after. my mother has taken all the money ive saved up from my jobs and i cannot afford a taxi to a friends. i need someone in the glasgow area who i trust to come and get me, i know this is so much to ask but i cant stay here any longer, please help me

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someone help Laura out

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R Kelly’s Son Jay Comes Out As Transgender


Pop star R. Kelly’s son Jay – formerly known as Jaya – has come out as transgender.


Jay, 13, made the announcement on his AskFM page, in response to a user who had asked the question ‘u a girl?’. ‘Not any more’, replied Jay… Read more.

He is cute 

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omg lol

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The Assumption Game

How to Play: message me with an assumption that you make about me and I will reply to it with whether it is true or false 

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don’t catch her by surprise


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😎miss me with all that

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